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The Confucius Institute at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel organises a range of Chinese Mandarin language courses at the Brussels Engineering, Sciences & Humanities Campus (Campus Etterbeek). We guarantee that:

the language of instruction is English.
the opportunity exists for registered students to join a language and culture summer camp in China, partially funded by the Confucius Institute. General conditions can be found here.

The language courses of the Confucius Institute at the VUB are now also mobile! We have made a VUB-CI APP that allows students to study Chinese on their smartphone. With a userfriendly design and thematic content, the APP can easily be integrated in the courses. It is the ideal resource for students who want to diversify their learning environment or who just want access to extra Chinese language content. Unlimited use of the APP is included in the tuition fee.
The language courses of the CI ware based on the official HSK levels (the official Mandarine Chinese language test). We use the official HSK textbooks and workbooks and offer courses from HSK1 to HSK 5.
The tuition fee for one semester is 162 EUR. VUB students and staff get a 50% reduction to the tuition fee. The semester starts on 23 September and ends on 20 December 2019.The purchase of course books is not included in the tuition fee. These can be bought at the online bookshop of the Confucius Institute at the VUB.The proposed schedule can be subject to change. If the module you paid for is moved to a different moment, a refund of the tuition fee is possible.
Enrolment is complete when both requirements are fullfilled:

Filling in your information in the webform (at the bottom of this page)
payment of the tuition fee

If you do not proceed to the payment in the webform, your information is still stored in our system. It can be removed without problem on your specific request.

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The Confucius Institute at the VUB offers Chinese language courses on the following times and places. The information displayed below is still subject to changes. If you have already registered, you will be informed of any changes to the email address you use for enrolment. All classes take place from 18:00 to 21:00, unless mentioned otherwise explicitely. Classrooms will be announced in the near future.

HSK 1.1 on Monday
HSK 2.1 on Wednesday
HSK 2.2 on Monday
HSK 3.1 on Thursday (17:00 - 20:00)
HSK 3.2 on Tuesday
HSK 4.1 on Tuesday
HSK 4.2 on Thursday
HSK 5.1 on Wednesday
HSK 5.2 on Monday
HSK 5.3 on Thursday

If you are new to the Confucius Institute's language courses and aren't sure what language level to choose, please contact us by email to arrange a short placement interview with one of our teachers.
More information about classrooms and registration is possible on the official website.
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