“Lost in Brussels” exhibition by Masha Trotzky

Bosstraat 509 - “Lost in Brussels” exhibition by Masha Trotzky

Bosstraat 509
zondag 20.10.2019
Van 15:00
vrijdag 22.11.2019
To 15:00
Bosstraat 509
BESint-Pieters-Woluwe509 Bosstraat1150
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British and Commonwealth Women's Club of Brussels (BCWCB) will represent a solo exhibition by established artist and designer Masha Trotzky. Born in Moscow, Masha Trotzky started her art career in 2009, became the “Best Photographer of Russia”(2010) National Award winner, received the Silver Graphis Award in New York (2015) and Aesthetica Art Prize in UK (2015). Masha moved to Belgium in 2014. Artist and jewellery designer, she has had solo exhibitions in London, Paris, Moscow, Florence, Barcelona, Hamburg, Brussels, Budva, Milan and Bologna.“Lost in Brussels”exhibition combines art series created by Masha in recent years and touches on not only such relevant problems of humanity as Globalization & Migration, but the range of personal experiences reflected in so-called Art diaries.
The exhibition will last from 20 October - 20 November View will take place on on the 20th October from 18.00 to 21 p.m.
Contact information
Address: British and Commonwealth Women's Club of Brussels 
Rue au Bois 509,
1150 Woluwe-Saint-PierrePhone:02 772 53 13
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 10.00 - 15.00

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