Lachyoga met Diana Mogosanu

MatrixYoga (Yoga & Hartcoherentie) - Lachyoga met Diana Mogosanu

MatrixYoga (Yoga & Hartcoherentie)
dinsdag 15.10.2019
Van 19:00 To 20:00
MatrixYoga (Yoga & Hartcoherentie)
BEGent171 Frederik Burvenichstraat9050
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Laughter Yoga 

Laughter Yoga is an unique concept, where anyone can laugh without sharing jokes, comedy or humor. Laughter Yoga combines laughter exercises with deep breathing exercises. It involves laughing, playful movements and eye contact.  
How can it help you?

Good Mood and More Laughter: Laughter Yoga helps to change your mood by releasing so called “happiness” hormones from your brain cells called endorphins. You will have a good mood throughout the day and gradually you will laugh more than you normally do.
Anti- Stress exercises: Laughter Yoga is like a cardio workout which brings more oxygen to the body and brain thereby making one feel more energetic and relaxed.
Health Benefits: Laughter Yoga reduces the stress and strengthens the immune system. You will not fall sick easily and if you have some chronic health conditions, you will heal faster.
Improves Quality of Life: Laughter is a positive energy which helps people to connect with other people quickly and improves relationships. It helps us create and maintain sharing, caring relationships.
Positive Attitude in Challenging Times :  Laughter helps to create a positive mental state to deal with negative situations and negative people. It gives hope and optimism to cope with life’s situations.

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