Inspiration Session: Intelligent Automation  Opportunities and Challenges for the HR Industry (physical attendance)

Zaal Antwerpen - Inspiration Session: Intelligent Automation Opportunities and Challen...

Zaal Antwerpen
vrijdag 26.4.2019
Van 12:00 To 13:30
Zaal Antwerpen
BEAntwerpenBrouwersvliet 5A2000
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Almost 50 years after the landing on the moon, there are still millions of people wasting their time with very basic tasks such as data entry and mail routing. Moreover, customers, whether they are businesses or individuals, expect one-click solutions that lead to instant gratification.
Nevertheless, there is an opportunity to do something about both challenges with the use of the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning innovations: automatic classification, extraction and validation of data from any documents or emails is now possible thanks to self-learning Intelligent Automation technologies.
In this session you will discover how this can have an impact in the HR industry and get some ideas on how to:

Help your customers to improve customer experience by bringing digital experiences from their leisure time apps to the world of HR.

Reduce workloads by automating data entry and simple cognitive tasks. The time that is freed up can be reinvested in more value-adding tasks or used to face cost pressure.


Pol Brouckaer, Founder of (

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Salvador Severich, Partner at (

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