Hands On: intro to Reinforcement learning

DataCamp - Hands On: intro to Reinforcement learning

woensdag 6.3.2019
Van 19:00 To 22:00
BELeuven38 Martelarenlaan3010
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During this meetup, our very own Hadrien La Croix, will introduce us to the incredible world of Reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning is a Machine learning technique that allows us to train agents to take "optimal" actions in complex environments in which rewards might be very sparse. Examples are the famous AlphaGo, that beat the world Go Champion in 2015 and the most recent Reinforcement learning is not just for games, but it also has applications in robotics, self-driving cars, and much much La Croix is a self-thought data scientist, and entrepreneur. He currently spends his time developing awesome Data Science content for Data Camp, and organizing amazing events at WLML :)PS: Bring your laptop for maximum fun!
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