SBS Forum on ICT standardisation: Open standards in ICT procurement.

Handelsstraat 123 - SBS Forum on ICT standardisation: Open standards in ICT procurement.

Handelsstraat 123
woensdag 23.1.2019
Van 10:30 To 16:00
Handelsstraat 123
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The “SBS Forum on ICT standards for SMEs” is a European platform for discussion and sharing of information about ongoing ICT standards activities that are relevant to SMEs. The Forum focuses particularly on digitisation of SMEs and it targets SMEs providing ICT services as well as SME users of such services. The main target audience of the Forum are SMEs across the EU and EFTA member states, as well as associations representing SME interests.
 This year’s event will focus on open standards and ICT hubs as tools towards successful procurement procedures. European SMEs are the major contributors to the European economy and a well of innovation potential. Yet, they struggle to compete with larger suppliers in procurement processes.
Open standards have proven important to the creation and development of ICT technologies as they help preventing vendor lock-in and foster a level playing field between all suppliers for the benefit of SMEs. At the same time, digital innovation hubs, consortia and other forms of collaboration aim to pool individual SMEs’ strengths.
This session will feature key experts from regulators, standards makers, service providers, and procurement professionals, who will give an overview on how open standards can be further developed and adopted so to adequately support a networked ecosystem where end-to-end solutions with pieces of software from different vendors can seamlessly work together.
                                                                            DRAFT AGENDA
10.00-10:30       Registration and Welcome Coffee
10.30-11.00       Setting the scene: The contribution of Open Source Software communities and SMEs to European Standards

Christel DAVIDSON (Small Business Standards)

Sebastiano TOFFALETTI (European DIGITAL SME Alliance, SBS)

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Antonio CONTE (European Commission, DG GROW)

11.00-13.00       Panel session: Unlocking SMEs’ potential I – Public Procurement today and the EU Catalogue for ICT Standards in Public Procurement?

Antonio CONTE (European Commission: DG GROW)

Daniel MELIN (Kammarkollegiet, Sweden)

Mikael Hjalmarson (Swedish Standards Institute)


European DIGITAL SME Alliance (moderation)

13.00-14.00       Lunch break
14.00-15.30       Panel session 2: Unlocking SMEs’ potential II: (Digital Innovation) Hubs, consortia and collaboration in procurement

Emilio DAVILA-GONZALEZ (European Commission DG CNECT) (TBC)

Richard ARCHER (Bramble Hub, UK) (TBC)

Sven URSINUS (Mittelstand 4.0 – Kompetenzzentrum IT-Wirtschaft (KIW), Germany) (TBC)

ICT Cluster Bulgaria/ICT Cluster Cluj (TBC)  

European DIGITAL SME Alliance (moderation)

15.30-15.45       Conclusions
15:45                 End of the Forum
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