Graspop Metal Meeting 2018

Graspop Metal Meeting - Graspop Metal Meeting 2018

Graspop Metal Meeting
donderdag 21.6.2018
Van 3:00
zondag 24.6.2018
To 6:00
Graspop Metal Meeting
Toon op kaart
22506 Deelnemers
Graspop Metal Meeting 2018 takes place from 21-24 June. For the 23rd time, the Stenehei festival venue in Dessel will rock to its foundations! In keeping with a proud tradition, GMM2018 will bill the crème de la crème of a variety of heavy music genres ranging from hard rock to death metal, from black metal to punk, from metalcore to thrash and many more. Tens of thousands of metalheads from across the globe will once again flock to Dessel for a high mass of epic guitar violence, high-octane blast beats and gut-wrenching screams. So start training those neck muscles now!

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